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that oppose it. >> 45%. >> that's pretty good. when if you asked about obama care or something like that. >> republicans have learned that while these folks who were undocumented can't vote their kids who are born here are becoming citizens are voting and not voting for republicans and at the same time that poll shows the people are way ahead of the politicians on this one. they are ready for this. they want it. they want to see the system work. so they want a pragmatic approach and there's a really good political and pragmatic sweet spot we can hit if we work it the right way. >> it's a small spot. i don't think we should -- having covered the complexity there's a lot of moving pieces when people talk about what the enforcement part of it will be. hat the current pathway to citizenship will look like. that pathway will have a number of hurdles. you can build eight foot hurdles or two foot and some will run smack dab into that. >> tough, smart and fair. >> the fact that the country does immigration reform doesn't mean immigration reform is good and the fact that it's bipartisan doesn't m
, the ninth circuit court of appeals upheld that decision. president obama's justice department submitted an amicus brief last month urging the court to overturn prop 8 saying the president and attorney general have determined the classification based on sexual orientation should be subjected to heightened scrutiny for equal protection. on wednesday, the court will hear united states v. windsor, challenge of the defense of marriage act. whether section 3 of doma, defines marriages between a man and a woman, violates the 5th amendment guaranteed of equal protection under the law is applied to persons of the same sex who are legally married under laws of their state. in short, can the federal government deny gay married couples access hundreds of federal benefits that come with marriage? former president bill clinton signed doma into law 17 years ago. in an op-ed earlier this month he said he was wrong. when i signed the billy included a statement with the admonition that enactment of the legislation should not despite the fierce and at time divisive rhetoric surrounding it understood to pr
Search Results 0 to 1 of about 2